Pocket Hug


These can be a fantastic tool for soothing your child when they are feeling worried or have separation anxiety. Heading off to school and kindergarten can be a real struggle for some kids and a pocket hug gives them something physical to hold or touch in their pocket and help them feel a little bit closer to you.

Simply pop the wooden pocket hug in your child’s pocket or bag and encourage them to reach for it during the day when they feel anxious or worried. Some parents or carers give the pocket hug a rub or even a kiss before giving it to their child. Having the pocket hug near them and associating it with their parent/safe space can help soothe and regulate the nervous system and regulate the stress response.

Product Details:

- 60mm in size
- Your choice of colour

Please note: Acrylic comes with a protective coating on both sides to prevent damage in transit. Please peel off prior to use. ** Our pastel acrylic has a matte side and a gloss side.

** Whilst every effort has been made to portray the true colours of this acrylic, please note that some variation may occur between photos and real life products** 

Acrylic comes with a protective film or paper on both sides. Please peel off prior to use. 

Photos and images are for illustration purposes only. All items are sent as blanks.

Although we do our best to make sure that the colours displayed on our website are accurate, the actual colours may vary. Differences in monitors and the devices will result in subtle differences in colour and textures.

Mirror acrylic has a grey coloured backing. This is how the mirror effect is achieved. Please keep this in mind when choosing mirror acrylic for your products.