Engraving Starter Pack


Dual Colour - Tag/Labels

Our dual colour acrylic is perfect for engraving on with your engraving tip. It is thin enough to fit into your Cricut, yet strong enough for a range of signage, tags and other special crafting projects. This sample pack as loads of blanks for you to have a play with! 

When you engrave on the dual colour, the top colour is removed leaving the base colour to show through.

Each sample pack includes the following:

1.6mm dual colour acrylic
- 5 x 90 x 50 rectangles 
- 5 x 75mm circles

2mm clear acrylic
- 1 x 150mm x 80mm rectangle
- 3 x tags (90mm x 50mm)
- 3 x 75mm circles

Colours will be chosen at random. We guarantee one of each colour will be included.


Colour Options    (Each pack will contain 1x sample of each colour)

  1. Black/White
  2. Pink/White
  3. Orange/White
  4. Purple/White
  5. Red/White
  6. Grey/White
  7. Wood Grain/White
  8. White/Black
  9. Green/White
  10. Blue/White

Please note: Acrylic comes with a protective coating on both sides to prevent damage in transit. Please peel off prior to use. 


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Acrylic comes with a protective film or paper on both sides. Please peel off prior to use. 

Photos and images are for illustration purposes only. All items are sent as blanks.

Although we do our best to make sure that the colours displayed on our website are accurate, the actual colours may vary. Differences in monitors and the devices will result in subtle differences in colour and textures.

Mirror acrylic has a grey coloured backing. This is how the mirror effect is achieved. Please keep this in mind when choosing mirror acrylic for your products.