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Engraving Starter Pack

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Dual Colour - Tag/Labels

Our dual colour acrylic is perfect for engraving on with your engraving tip. It is thin enough to fit into your Cricut, yet strong enough for a range of signage, tags and other special crafting projects. This sample pack as loads of blanks for you to have a play with! 

When you engrave on the dual colour, the top colour is removed leaving the base colour to show through.

Each sample pack includes the following:

1.6mm dual colour acrylic
- 5 x 90 x 50 rectangles 
- 5 x 75mm circles

2mm clear acrylic
- 1 x 150mm x 80mm rectangle
- 3 x tags (90mm x 50mm)
- 3 x 75mm circles

Colours will be chosen at random. We guarantee one of each colour will be included.


Colour Options    (Each pack will contain 1x sample of each colour)

  1. Black/White
  2. Pink/White
  3. Orange/White
  4. Purple/White
  5. Red/White
  6. Grey/White
  7. Wood Grain/White
  8. White/Black
  9. Green/White
  10. Blue/White

Please note: Acrylic comes with a protective coating on both sides to prevent damage in transit. Please peel off prior to use. 


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