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Buttercream Cake Comb - Style 1

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Acrylic Cake Combs

Finish your cakes like a professional with these buttercream cake combs. Create the perfect striped, scalloped or ridged effect for your cake!

Product Details
- Made from clear acrylic which allows you to see the cake and the application of your icing.
- Made from 3mm thick acrylic
- 300mm (12"inch) tall and approx 90 - 100mm wide depending on pattern


Tip - Before you comb your cake, we recommend chilling the iced cake in the refrigerator for about 30 mins. Hold your cake comb at a 45 degree angle and with a light pressure, comb the edges of the cake until you reach your desired effect.


Please note: Some of our cake combs have pointy edges. This is to allow a crisp effect in your icing. Please take care when handling this product. Store safely to protect the comb's edges. Acrylic comes with a protective coating on both sides to prevent damage in transit. Please peel off prior to use. Acrylic is not dishwasher safe.


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