Buttercream Cake Comb - Style 10


Acrylic Cake Combs

Finish your cakes like a professional with these buttercream cake combs. Create the perfect striped, scalloped or ridged effect for your cake!

Product Details
- Made from clear acrylic which allows you to see the cake and the application of your icing.
- Made from 3mm thick acrylic
- 300mm (12"inch) tall and approx 90 - 100mm wide depending on pattern


Tip - Before you comb your cake, we recommend chilling the iced cake in the refrigerator for about 30 mins. Hold your cake comb at a 45 degree angle and with a light pressure, comb the edges of the cake until you reach your desired effect.


Please note: Some of our cake combs have pointy edges. This is to allow a crisp effect in your icing. Please take care when handling this product. Store safely to protect the comb's edges. Acrylic comes with a protective coating on both sides to prevent damage in transit. Please peel off prior to use. Acrylic is not dishwasher safe.


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Acrylic comes with a protective film or paper on both sides. Please peel off prior to use. 

Photos and images are for illustration purposes only. All items are sent as blanks.

Although we do our best to make sure that the colours displayed on our website are accurate, the actual colours may vary. Differences in monitors and the devices will result in subtle differences in colour and textures.

Mirror acrylic has a grey coloured backing. This is how the mirror effect is achieved. Please keep this in mind when choosing mirror acrylic for your products.