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Acrylic Care Tips

Acrylic Care Tips 

Acrylic is a hardwearing and resistant material when cared for properly.

- Paper backing is best removed by carefully lifting the corner up using your fingernail or rubber thimble and carefully peeling the paper back.

- Please only ever wash your acrylic with warm water. Solvents and cleaning products will cause the acrylic to discolour. 

- Stubborn marks or sticky residue can be removed with pure Isopropyl and a microfibre cloth. 

- Wipe clean our acrylic products gently, with a damp microfibre cloth. Never place in the dishwasher. Paper towel and tissues can scratch the surface of the acrylic.

- Dried markers and paint can be removed simply by soaking the board in warm water to loosen it, before wiping clean. 

- Acrylic can scratch if not looked after. Avoid sliding acrylic blanks over rough surfaces and always ensure the table or bench you are placing it on is free from sand or dirt. 

- Acrylic products work best with liquid chalk markers or whiteboard markers. Ensure you are writing on the smooth side of the acrylic. Writing on the etched part may cause the etch to remain coloured.